About Us

We create wall quilt kits and patterns, ornament kits and patterns, coasters kits and patterns, table topper kits and patterns, punch-needle embroidery kits, and full-sized quilt patterns from Lancaster County, PA.

Rachel and Kenny Pellman are founders of Rachel’s Of Greenfield. They started making kits out of their home and grew the business over 25+ years. Rachel’s artistic skills and Kenny’s professionalism and enthusiasm created a great combination to produce their beautiful crafting designs. They worked evenings cutting fabric for kits on their dining room table. It was a late-night effort! After cutting, they folded, collated, and inserted the fabric, embellishments, pattern, and instructions books into kits.

In 2021, Glenn and Ruth Miller purchased Rachel’s of Greenfield from the Pellmans. They are grateful to live in Lancaster County, PA, where weekend bike rides and long walks take me on back roads, through meadows, fields, and gardens abundant with flowers, crops, trees, birds, and animals. They fill my mind with beauty and wonder. The simplicity of this earthiness, warmth, and essential rootedness inspires them to create new designs.

Also, Glenn and Ruth draw the designs for each kit, write the instructions, and choose the fabrics. After writing the instructions and patterns, they make the quilts and ornaments, following the patterns and instructions to ensure they are accurate and precise.

All the kits of Rachel’s of Greenfield are wonderfully complete. With everything in hand, quilt makers, ornament makers, and punch needle enthusiasts, from beginner to expert, can have the satisfaction of completing a project.

We hope the products our family designs and sells are a joy to your family.

A few more things about Rachel’s of Greenfield

  • We have sent kits to wholesale accounts in more than 30 countries
  • We have cut over 100+ miles of muslin
  • We have cut more than 100 miles of gold string for ornaments.

A few reasons why kits by Rachel’s of Greenfield are so popular:

  • Stunning color combinations of the fabric have been professionally selected for each quilt and ornament kit. You SAVE time, money, aggravation, and a lot of running around.
  • Adequate amounts of each fabric are included in each wall quilt and ornament kit. You save MORE time, money, and stress.
  • Fabrics, embellishments, and flosses are included in each quilt, ornament, and punch needle kit. You SAVE anxiety and the uncertainties of getting started, but the fun remains.