Wall Quilt Kits

Buy Wall Hanging Quilt Kits with us! Our precut wall quilt kits will give you the inspiration you need to make a beautiful quilt with minimal effort. These wall hanging quilt kits are perfect for any crafters from beginner to skilled crafters. Complete quilt kits feature all fabrics (100% cotton), wool felt appliques, batting, embellishments, illustrated instructions, and precise patterns for making your own homemade quilt. If you are new to quilting, visit our blog for a list of tools you will need.
We offer a variety of traditional star patterns, log cabins, hearts, and original applique designs. Our wall hanging quilt kits are designed in Lancaster PA. We sell each wall quilt kit complete with everything you need to create your desired quilt. We inspect every wall quilt kit to make sure the fabric measurements are correct, the pattern is accurate, and the package is perfect. Place your order today and complete your wall quilt kit! Free shipping everywhere in the U.S.A.