The Top 9 Felt Ornament Patterns For The Holidays

We celebrate every holiday with decoration and tradition. Making your own decorations with felt ornament patterns can be fun and bring even more joy to the holiday season. Using holiday ornament patterns is easy, can be done entirely by hand sewing, and can be done while you are on a trip.

Did you know that you can also turn coasters into ornaments by simply adding a string through them? Take a look at our DIY coasters!

felt ornament patterns

In this blog, we will explain the top 9 felt ornament patterns that are ideal to make for holidays throughout the year.

Bird Houses Pattern

bird house felt ornament patterns 1

This Ornament pattern is a perfect fit for your Spring decor and has four different birdhouse shapes. The finished product of this pattern can be displayed as a hanging ornament. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in sewing, you will enjoy making these felt ornaments. This ornament pattern package includes detailed step-by-step instructions, fabric requirements, an embellishment list, and embroidery designs.

Also, pictures of this product are provided to help you along in the process of making your felt ornament pattern. Basic sewing supplies are required to make it once you purchase it. For your convenience, Rachel’s of Greenfield offers downloadable and mailable options for this gorgeous Bird Houses pattern. Plus, we provide a complete Bird Houses kit for those who need all the parts to make it.

Charcoal Mittens Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 14

Here is a Charcoal Mittens felt ornament pattern for a stunning Christmas ornament. This pattern features charcoal gray mittens showing perky red cuffs. On the mittens are a partridge in a pear tree with a bird on it, a snowman catching snowflakes, a geometric decorated tree, NOEL, a red car bringing home the Christmas tree, and a famous reindeer.

Get started on your Christmas crafts with this felt ornament pattern that comes in 4” x 41/2” – for all your holiday decorations! The opening at the top of each mitten is perfectly sized for gift cards or other treasures. Make them for the tree or gift-giving! At Rachel’s of Greenfield, we offer downloadable and mailable options of this cute pattern. If you need a complete Charcoal Mittens Kit, check out the Ornament Kits page to find one that works best for you.

Christmas Critters Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 13

This Christmas Critters felt ornament pattern is an outstanding Christmas Ornament! The woodland animals such as pudgy bears, chubby bunnies, petite deer, prickly hedgehogs, pointy foxes, and proud squirrels are celebrating Christmas together. It has combinations of three mittens and three stocking ornaments. It can be used as a gift card bag or a bag for a small Christmas gift.

Christmas felt ornament pattern includes complete patterns, illustrated instructions that are easy to use, and a materials requirement list that can help you to buy the right materials for your ornament. This felt ornament pattern is designed to make six 4”x4-1/2” Christmas ornaments. You can download the pattern in a minute on our website or order it to get mailed with free domestic shipping. We also offer a complete kit of Christmas Critters ornaments for those who need them.

Christmas Woolens Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 8

Here is another charming collection of felt ornament patterns. The warm woolen mittens and attractive stockings are truly made to celebrate the Christmas season. Each ornament pattern is constructed with unique designs, shapes, and custom colors. The colors are cobblestone, red, green, black, gold, and white background color. The finished pieces of these felt ornament patterns are suitable for hanging on the tree or decorating packages.

Also, tiny surprises can be tucked inside each one to give others for Christmas. The design of this pattern includes a Santa, Snowman, Cat, Sheep, Holly, and Christmas tree. You can get this felt ornament pattern by mail with free domestic shipping or download it here

Gift Bag Ornament Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 12

We all want to give unique gifts to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and family members on special days and holidays. If you make your own gifts or gift bags, that helps to make them more memorable and valuable. This Gift Bag felt ornament pattern is excellent for creating pleasant ornament bags for gift cards or small gifts. Each envelope ornament bag is approximately 3”x4” and has a different old fashion design, such as a Christmas tree, a pair of mittens, a Snowman with a red hat, a Sheep, Santa, and a black kitten in a stocking.

The felt ornament pattern includes complete instructions, fabric requirements, an embellishment list, and embroidery designs to make your project easier. The pattern is available to purchase as an e-format pattern or to get mailed with free shipping. Browse and shop your Gift Bag Ornament Pattern here.

Merry Mugs Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 11

This Merry Mugs felt ornament pattern makes a perfect Christmas gift for a friend who loves coffee. A mug of steaming coffee, creamy hot chocolate, or spicy, comforting tea warms both bodies and souls. These Merry Mugs felt ornament patterns have the same effect. The finished Merry Mugs ornament can be used as decoration for the tree or for gift-giving. You can fill each ornament with small gifts or gift cards. It is designed to be just right for gift cards. The approximate size is 3-¾” x 4-⅛”.

This felt ornament pattern includes complete instructions, wool felt requirements, an embellishment list, and embroidery designs to make your crafting project much easier. You can download the pattern on our website or get it mailed to your home with free shipping.

Snowman Stocking Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 7

To keep the tradition of handcrafted Christmas Stockings alive, you would need simple and easy Christmas-felt ornament patterns to create your next stockings. Hanging the Christmas stocking is even more special when the stocking is lovingly handmade. At Rachel’s of Greenfield, we have the best-felt ornament patterns for you. Create your own tradition with this jolly Snowman design.

The ornament patterns include illustrated instructions (that are great even for beginner crafters), fabric requirements, embellishment lists, and embroidery designs. The colors of these ornament patterns are cobblestone, dark red, white, cream, blue, green, and gold. And finished size is 10” x 15-½”. Visit our website for the Snowman Stocking pattern and purchase it with no shipping cost. 

Warm Feet Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 10

These Warm Feet felt ornament patterns will take your holiday decor to the next level. Warm wooly socks chase the winter chill and keep toes snug and cozy. Make the perfect Christmas decor for a Christmas tree, or create your own handmade gift for your friends, family, or colleagues. These ornament patterns are designed to be perfectly sized for gift cards or other treasures.

The ornament pattern includes all the necessary instructions, requirements, and embroidery designs to make six warm feet ornaments. Each of them has a unique design, such as a stately reindeer, a joyful tree, candy canes, a small brown bird, a train, and a pair of bright red mittens. Browse for the Warm Feet pattern here and order it with free shipping.

Warm Hands Pattern

christmas felt ormament patterns 9

Learn how to make wool felt ornaments with these warm hands felt ornament patterns. These Warm wooly mittens keep hands toasty and hearts happy on cold wintry days. Make them for the tree, or give them as special gifts to family and friends. Designs include spicy gingerbread, a star-shaped snowman, a holly with berries, a jolly Santa, a star-topped tree, and an ice skate. Red and green cuffs with embroidery embellishments add charm to your room.

Each mitten ornament pattern is approximately 4” x 4-½” and includes complete instructions, fabric requirements, embellishment list, and embroidery designs. See more information about Warn Hands pattern here. Order it today to get the pattern delivered with no shipping charge, or download it in a minute. 

Starting Your Crafting Project Today

We hope this article has helped you with ideas to start your project. Having all the parts and designs to make your craft is much easier and faster. You can visit our Ornament Patterns page to get the Felt Ornament Patterns you need. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you.