6 Simple Fabric DIY Coasters

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Did you ever notice those circular stains on your nice coffee table? It seems as if someone didn’t use a coaster. Coasters, whether boughten coasters or DIY coasters, can prevent these types of stains on your furniture and actually have a few other benefits as well, including the following:

  • Hygiene– Coasters may prevent the transfer of germs from unclean cups or glasses to surfaces like your table.
  • Style- Coasters can add a touch of style to your room and can be made to match the surroundings.
  • Versatility: Coasters are very versatile and can be moved from place to place, as well as used in different settings like the office, home, restaurants, and so on.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of coasters, check out this article.

Why DIY Coasters?

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If you want to invest in a set of coasters, you may want to consider making them yourself. DIY coasters are a good choice for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Cost-Effective- Making your own coasters may be cheaper than buying them.
  • Customizable- Creating your own coaster gives you the option to add details or design the coaster in a way you like.
  • Great for Gifts– DIY coasters may be a thoughtful and unique gift for a friend or family member.

DIY coasters are usually not difficult to make, and who doesn’t like the thought of coasters YOU made sitting on your coffee table? There are many types of DIY coasters available, but we are going to take a look at 6 kinds of cloth coaster kits that we offer at Rachels of Greenfield.

What Supplies Do I Need to Create Fabric Diy Coasters?

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If you are looking to create some cloth coasters, you may want an idea of what supplies you will need on hand. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Scissors: To cut pieces of felt and floss
  • Needle: For stitching pieces
  • Cutting mat: To help you cut straight edges on your fabrics
  • Seamrippers: To remove the unwanted thread
  • Pins: To help you keep your fabric and felt pieces in place

There is no end to the supplies you can buy for your sewing and stitching hobbies, but with a few basic supplies, you should be able to make these DIY coasters all on your own. To see a full list of sewing supplies you may want to own, check out our blog.

The Kit has everything else you need to create a DIY coaster!

Seasonal DIY Coasters

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How fun would it be to have different coasters you can pull out for every new season? Spring coasters for the pink lemonade you serve your guests in the summer, and maybe winter-themed coasters for the hot chocolate in the cold months. We offer four different coaster styles to represent the seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Christmas DIY Coasters

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In the wintertime, there is nothing more fun than decorating the house for the holidays. How about DIY coasters that can add to your decor and bring a little holiday cheer to your coffee table or countertop? This kit makes four coasters featuring things like Joseph and Mary, little red mittens, NOEL, and a Christmas tree on a truck. Turn your coasters into ornaments by simply adding a piece of floss and hanging them from your tree! If you want to be more creative, you can add decorative stitches and embellish the coaster how you like!

With a design and illustrated instructions that are easy to follow, you will have beautiful winter coasters in a matter of time.

Colors of Kit: gold, red, green, white

Included in the Kit: Templates, Precise pattern, instructions for 4 coasters, wool felt, floss

Autumn DIY Coasters

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Looking for autumn coasters to match the leaves falling outside? Our DIY coasters kit will make four autumn coasters featuring maple leaves, pumpkins, and acorns in festive fall colors. These coasters will look beautiful on your thanksgiving table and can be turned into decorative ornaments with a piece of floss. Add stitches to decorate your coasters how you like, and embrace the cooler season with these cute, easy-to-make coasters.

Colors of Kit: gold, brown, red, green, and yellow
Included in the Kit: Templates, Precise Patterns, instructions for 4 coasters, wool felt, floss

Spring DIY Coasters

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With the spring season comes flowers, sunshine, and a taste of new life. Our spring coasters kit will make four coasters featuring flowers in a basket, a rabbit, and a cross. Add a touch of life to your house and serve your drinks on these lovely DIY coasters. Easy to make and add customized embellishments to, these coasters will be the perfect touch to your kitchen or dining area in the spring months. These kits can be made into ornaments as well by simply adding an additional piece of floss.

Colors of Kit: sandstone, white, pink, brown, green, gold, purple, yellow
Included in the Kit: Templates, precise patterns, wool felt, instructions for 4 coasters, floss

Summer DIY Coasters

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We have coasters for spring, fall, and winter, and we offer coasters for summer too. Our fourth of July-themed coasters are perfect for glasses of lemonade at a summer party and feature American flags, stars, and sunflowers. If you like to decorate for the fourth of July, these coasters can be a nice addition to your coffee table and can be turned into decorative ornaments with a piece of floss. Make these for your table or gift them to a friend. Our DIY coaster kits come with clear instructions and all the materials you need.

Colors of Kit: sandstone, red, white, blue
Included in the Kit: Templates, instructions for 4 coasters, precise patterns, wool felt, floss

Animal DIY Coasters

diy coasters cats and dogs

Do you have a furry friend that you love? We offer DIY coasters that feature cats and dogs. Add a cute addition to your tabletop with these easy-to-make coasters. Represent the furry friends in your family with a DIY coaster for your table.

Cat DIY Coasters

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Do you have a feline friend? We have just the coasters for you. Follow our illustrated instructions and create four cat coasters. This kit will make a black cat, copper-colored cat, grey cat, and tan cat and comes with all the materials you need to make them. Add a piece of floss and hang them as decoration or use them on your placemats. These cat coasters would also be the perfect gift to give your cat lover friend.

Colors of Kit: sandstone, black, copper, charcoal, tan, pink, and white.
Included in the Kit: Templates, precise patterns, instructions for 4 coasters, wool felt, floss

Dog DIY Coasters

dog diy coasters

Do you have a canine member in your family? We offer dog coasters that you can make to represent the dog in your life. This DIY coaster kit will make four dog coasters, a beagle, a saint bernard, a husky, and a Bernese mountain dog. These coasters are easy to make and will add a nice touch to any space. These would be great gifts for the dog lover in your life, and adding a piece of floss can turn these coasters into ornaments.

Colors of Kit: sandstone, black, rust, charcoal, white
Included in the Kit: Templates, precise patterns, instructions for 4 coasters, wool felt, floss

If you are looking for the perfect coasters for your house, try your hand at our DIY kits and see the benefits of making your own coasters. Gift these coasters to a friend, use them as ornaments over Christmas, or make them for your own table.