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Welcome to our newest learning center! We are very excited about our new quilting blog. Join us as we share quilting tips and ideas, designer profiles, information about the latest notions, sneak peeks into our upcoming projects, and more! Plus, we will share new beginner quilting kits and patterns here.

We look forward to hearing from all who love fabric, decorating, home, family, and friends.

Our Story.

Rachel and Kenny Pellman started designing and selling quilt kits out of their home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After two decades of growth, Rachel and Kenny sold the business in 2021 to Glenn and Ruth Miller.

Today, Rachel’s of Greenfield is operated out of Glenn and Ruth’s home in Lancaster County. We are a small family-owned business and hope our products will be a joy to your family!

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What are Quilt Kits?

Quilt Kits contain either the patterns or fabrics needed to make a quilt. A quilt kit containing the required fabric is the best beginner quilting kit. Beginner quilting kits with the material will save time and frustration since you do not need to purchase additional fabrics. 

Quilt kit patterns give a quilter more creative freedom when picking quilt colors! For intermediate and experienced quilters, we sell quilt kit patterns. These quilt kits include a list of required materials, precise patterns, and illustrated instructions.

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What are Punch Needle Kits?

Punch needles are a form of embroidery similar to rug hooking. Instead of bringing your needle through the fabric, you “punch” the needle or yarn through the fabric using a punch needle. Punch needle kits contain all the necessary materials, patterns, instructions, and thread. You will need to purchase a punch needle separately.

punch needle tiny stars kit

Beginner Quilting Kit Supplies.

Before purchasing your beginner quilting kits, you should buy a few basic quilting supplies and tools. Here are our recommended quilting tools. If you want to learn more about how to get started with quilting, check out our blog, ” 8 Quilting Supplies Every Beginner Quilter Needs”.

Sewing Machine

You can sew by hand if you want. However, a sewing machine is more efficient! Also, sewing machine stitches are more robust and accurate than hand-sewn stitches. A quilting beginner does not need a sewing machine with all the bells and whistles. A basic model will do fine.

beginner quilting sewing machines

Rotary Cutter and Scissors

Eventually, you will need to cut fabric for your quilt. A good pair of scissors is great for cutting fabric, but use a rotary cutter for more accuracy. A rotary cutter has a circular blade. Roll the blade along a straight edge for a precise cut.

beginner quilting kits rotary cutter

Pins and Needles

You will need replacement needles for your sewing machine. Fabric dulls needles, so you will need to replace them periodically. 

Pins are essential for any sewing project. A colored pinhead is easier to see when removing the pins. We recommend buying multiple pins with different colored pinheads.

quilting kits for beginner pins

Acrylic Rulers

Acrylic rulers are durable and are used in many aspects of quilting. Many acrylic rulers are sold, but only two are needed for a beginner.

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Straight Ruler

A straight ruler is used for drawing lines and as a straight edge when cutting fabric. Pay attention to the ruler color and make sure the lines and numbers are clear. The markings should show clearly against dark and light fabrics.

Square Ruler

Square rulers are used to square up fabric blocks. A 12 ½ square ruler is a safe beginner’s ruler since it will fit 12-inch squares and smaller blocks. A square ruler has a 90-degree angle.

Thread and Bobbins

Did you ever try to sew without thread? Spoiler alert! It will not work! Before buying a quilt kit, purchase a sufficient thread for your project. Keep two or three bobbins on hand if you have a sewing machine. You don’t want to be out of the thread in the middle of a project since you don’t have a backup bobbin!

quilt kit bobbins


A flat surface is essential for cutting your fabric and laying out your pattern. You will need a stable table so your cuts will be accurate. Use a table that is belly-high to avoid back issues.


An iron helps remove wrinkles from new fabric. Irons are also used to press your seams, so they lay flat. Check out this blog to see what the difference is between pressing and ironing,

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Cutting Mat

A cutting mat will protect your table or counter surface from damage when using the rotary cutter. Self-healing cutting mats are softer and will reclose scratches made by the rotary cutter. For a small table, purchase a foldable mat for easy storage.

Where to buy Beginner Quilting Kits.

The best quilt kits for beginners are designed and sold by small quilting companies. These quilt kits are unique and support small businesses. Look for a local quilting shop, or check out these quilt kits for sale online!

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How to start

So how do you start? Make a list of the necessary tools you will need to start on your beginner quilting kit. Purchase the extra tools you need. You can buy them online or order from a craft store like Hobby Lobby, Micheal’s, or Joanne’s Fabrics. Organize your space, and you are ready to go!